Turban, Wrap, Skirt and Top, The Cobras (ensemble)


Skirt and scarf/wrap. Worn by Ruth St. Denis in The Cobras.

Item Details:
C-003_a A brown cotton skirt with a pattern of colored embroidery and small mirrors. The skirt has many repairs and patches.
C-003_b A long strip of brown fabric decorated with brown embroidery and small mirrors, it has many repairs and patches. The fabric appears to have been worn wrapped around the body.
C-003_c A long length of fabric used as a turban. The fabric is a fine brown net lined with cotton. The fabric is decorated with a pattern in gold.
C-004_d A long sleeved brown which fastens at the back with snaps. The tops is very patched with many different shades of brown and some black jersey. The top is also covered in darns and repairs. Some appear to have been intended as part of the originals costumes and many added as the costume became worn.
The items appear to date from 1906.
Cotton, Silk, Glass, Metal

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