Wrap Skirts, Ishtar of the Seven Gates (set of four)



A set of four ankle length wrap skirts worn in Ishtar of the Seven Gates. They appear to have been worn by male members of the company for the role of the Priests but also later by women.

Items Details:
The wrap skirt consist of a waistband made from black and gold brocade fabric woven with an Egyptian motif and decorated with two bands of metallic gold ribbon. The slightly semi-circular shaped skirt panel is made from a woven black, gold, and coral colored fabric. The skirt is edged with a deep fringe of thick black rope braids, each trimmed with gold braid. Attached to the waistband of the skirt is a long band also edged with braids - this appears to have been worn over the shoulder. These appear to be worn with headdresses C-718_1-4.

C-717_1 Inscribed with the name Charles (possibly Charles Weidman).
C-717_2 Inscribed with the name George (possibly George Steares).
C-717_3 Inscribed with the name Lalla (Lalla Lezli - sister of Karoun Tootikian). 
C-717_4 Inscribed with the name Virginia. New gold braids has been added to the fringe ends.

The costumes were given to Karoun Tootikian by Ruth St. Denis. Tootikian worked with St. Denis from  1945. The costumes were then gifted to Stephanie Clemens and were used up until the 1990s.

Cotton, Metal

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