Creative Dance for Learning: The Kinesthetic Link


McGraw Hill
283 p. : ill. (b&w) ; 21.5 x 27.5 cm.
"Creative Dance for Learning: The Kinesthetic Link is a comprehensive teaching guide that addresses the 'what', 'why' and 'how' of creative dance. It provides theoretical and practical guidance on teaching creative dance, particularly in educational settings. The authors’ approach is heavily influenced by Barbara Mettler, Margaret H’Doubler, and Rudolph Laban, all legendary figures in the field of creative dance. Their theories are combined with the authors’ insights from thirty years of dance teaching experience to:

* validate dance as art education, adaptable to all ages and abilities
* explain a conceptual framework for teaching dance in common language
* highlight the kinesthetic sense as a guide for creating dance forms
* provide methods of linking movement across the curriculum
* address cultural material through creative dance
* outline teaching progressions that develop student skill and understanding
* guide readers into building and presenting lessons of their own
* provide models for assessing student learning
* relate creative dance instruction to achievement standards in dance and other disciplines
* offer over 25 well-tested lesson plans and 40 adaptations that extend the lesson material." -- from Google Books description 

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